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Coffee, a staple in many homes. The Uk can’t get enough of the stuff in fact, a survey carried out in 2021 showed that 70% of the British population drink two cups a day! This reason alone was enough for us to go on the hunt for the perfect coffee blend, and from trial and error with several different coffee beans, we landed on a firm favourite…

Tynemouth Coffee, founded in 2009, has quickly become a highly recognisable brand amongst many coffee connoisseurs across the North-East. After trying a range of their products, we can totally understand why!

Here at Whitechurch we always strive to buy as local as possible without damaging the quality and taste of our products. Tynemouth Coffee is not only incredibly tasty but also Local, meaning it really does tick all the boxes. After months of testing and feedback we finally settled on the perfect blend ‘Bobby Dazzler’ and my goodness does it live up to its name! Both customers and staff have been loving the new coffee, commenting on how “divine” it is. A new coffee machine has also been installed to ensure we’re giving our customers the coffee experience they deserve. Chris, our main barista, has years of experience and is incredibly talented when it comes to latte art, meaning his coffees look as good as they taste.

To summarise, it really is worth shopping around to find the perfect fit, not only are we supporting local, but we are also providing our customers with an amazing coffee experience.


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