WhiteChurch prides itself on serving fresh, locally sourced produce. Located at the busy Church street cross road, our vibrant and inviting space offers a unique dining experience for patrons who appreciate high-quality ingredients and a commitment to supporting local farmers and suppliers.

The Venue

As you enter you are greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere. You can then choose to take a seat in our self-service café or walk on through to our restaurant area where you will be waited upon.

The Menu

Our menus are carefully curated to showcase the best of local and seasonal ingredients. From farm-fresh vegetables to locally reared meats and locally caught seafood, every dish is created with a focus on the natural flavours and sustainability. The menu offerings may change regularly to embrace the availability and freshness of the produce.

The Coffee

Our award-winning artisan coffee supplier boasts its very own boutique roastery. Here they hand-roast their products in small batches which are delivered to us the very next day to ensure you get the perfect cup of coffee every time. We take our coffee very seriously at Whitechurch, with all our team ensuring that we deliver the perfect cup each & every time.

The Bar

We offer a wide selection of beverages. From our well-chosen larger to our craft beers and extensive wine list, guests can indulge in a drink that perfectly complements their visit.

In our café we serve our specialised hot chocolates, our locally roasted coffees made with as much passion. Keep your eye out for our seasonal specials.

Cakes & Bakes

Nothing bought in here! All our cakes are made inhouse allowing for seasonal changes and big flavours.

Whitechurch believes in its mission, for food lovers too appreciate the flavours of fresh, local produce. With its commitment to sustainability, inviting atmosphere, and culinary expertise, it is a destination that delights both the taste buds and the senses.

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